Course Overview

It’s a program that would give a 360 degree knowledge about how the digital medium can be used for marketing using tools; Web Analytics, Web AdWords, Mobile marketing, and YouTube Marketing.
Students would be taught the basics of digital marketing along with the importance of Search Engine Optimization, how to effectively run ads on Search Engines so that the brand ops in one of the top results, etc. They will also be taught techniques to optimize display ad campaigns, make business decisions from the metrics available in digital media and all the marketing techniques used to promote ads on one of the most widely used medium – social media!

Duration : 5 Months


Term Theory hours Lab hours Total hours
Marketing Basics 6 2 8
Internet Advertising with Search Network 8 12 20
Search Optimization Techniques 8 12 20
Creative Display Ad Solutions 6 18 24
Marketing using Email - 1 2 0 2
Mobile Marketing in Practice 4 8 12
Introduction to Analytics 4 2 6
Digital Marketing Portfolio 2 26 28